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Nusantara Pearl Group was founded in 1985 in Dobo, Aru Islands, Eastern Indonesia and it was one of the few pioneering pearl farms in Indonesia. The group is now one of the biggest pearl producers in the world and has also expanded to aquaculture of marine fish and vannamei shrimp.

The group's vision is on sustainable full-cycle aquaculture farm practices on both pearl oysters, fish, and shrimp. Actively working in preserving the marine ecosystem and improving locals' quality of life in remote islands with the farms. Together with the Research and Development team, they are very dedicated to developing technologies to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of pearls and other aquaculture productions.

The Group's commitment to protecting the environment can be seen from practices that focus on reducing carbon footprint by switching to more environmentally friendly alternatives with solar-powered technology in the farms and educating locals on safer fishing and reduce-reuse-recycle practices on all the farms.

Furthermore, the Nusantara Pearl Group initiative to improve locals' living standards has been evident in training and employment from uneducated to fresh graduates level able to provide for their family.

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